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Course curriculum

    1. Wellness Profiles: Small Group Bible Study Guide

    1. Seeking Well-being in Asian American Communities video presentation

    2. Love the Lord with All Your Mind, Session 1 Resources

    3. Dr. Jessica ChenFeng, bio

    1. Supporting Asian American Youth and Young Adults video presentation

    2. Love the Lord with All Your Mind, Session 2 Resources

    3. Rev. Jason Ashimoto and Grace Yoshimoto, bios

    1. Serving as Trauma-Informed Leaders in Asian American Communities video presentation

    2. Love the Lord with All Your Mind, Session 3 Resources

    3. Tansy Kadoe and Rev. Dr. Sanghoon Yoo, bios

    1. Asian American Christian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative

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Michele Turek


The Rev. Michele Turek serves as the National Coordinator for Asian Ministries at American Baptist Home Mission Societies. She received her Masters of Divinity from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary and was ordained to ministry in 2017. Rev. Turek has an unbridled passion for God’s people, and she loves being able to resource, encourage, and learn from AAPI churches that serve refugee and immigrant communities and their succeeding generations.

Jessica ChenFeng

Dr. Jessica ChenFeng is an Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary and Director of Asian American Wellness Initiative at Fuller's Center for Asian Theology and Ministry. Dr. ChenFeng joined Fuller's faculty in 2022; she brings years of MFT teaching, research, and supervision experience, as well as clinical and consulting experience across ministry, community, and medical contexts.

Jason Ashimoto

Rev. Jason Ashimoto is senior pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, a 99-year -old Asian American and historically Japanese American) congregation in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles. He first came to Evergreen as a high school stuydent almost 3 decades ago and has since held a wide variety of positions including youth pastor, worship arts pastor, and faith development pastor. Jason enjoys integrating his love for design, art and imagination with faith. He met his wife Fara, a Korean-Texan when she moved to LA to study at Fuller Seminary, where she currently works in the advising department. Jason and Fara have twin daughters – Annabelle and Penelope – and love eating, traveling, and going to Disneyland as a family.


Grace Yoshimoto


Grace Yoshimoto is a school counselor of Japanese-American descent. She holds Master’s degrees in Special Education through USC and in Counseling through CSULA. She recently retired after 34 years as a high school counselor in the Monrovia Unified School District. She is currently doing private consultation in suicide prevention, family mediation, grief and loss, LGBTQ issues, and college and career transitions. She is also active in networking AAPI faith-based communities in the area of immigrant advocacy and elder care. She is currently coordinating the Mental Health Awareness Team (MHAT) of Evergreen Baptist Church LA.

Sanghoon Yoo


Rev. Dr. Sanghoon Yoo, the founder of The Faithful City (TFC), has led ministries and social services at Arizona State University and the Phoenix metropolitan area for over three decades. He holds a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) and a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree. He also founded the Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Coalition (AZTIFC), collaborating with Arizona ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium, where he served as a founding board member. He is certified in spiritual direction, ACEs TOT (training of trainer) training, trauma-informed care, mindfulness leadership, social-emotional learning, historical trauma, community resilience, and many other trainings. With AZTIFC, he organizes statewide conferences, and regional and national meetings. He develops professional field collaboration with various societal sectors such as school districts, public health, mental health, and the foster care system. He offers trauma-informed care training, organizational and systemic change consultation, and trauma transformed discipleship. Recently, TFC launched the “Creating Communities of Belonging” project with a grant award by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to train faith communities for trauma-informed care lens based substance use prevention. Dr. Yoo organized the first annual Weave and Cleave Conference in May, recognizing eleven faith-based organizations for their belonging community project training completion. In addition, he is co-managing the faith-based community at PACES Connection and chairing the faith committee at Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) to advance the movement with national leaders and colleagues.

Tansy Kadoe


Tansy Kadoe is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She earned her Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest in the State of Arizona. Born and raised in Myanmar (Burma), she came to America for higher education, graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and later from Grand Canyon University with a Master of Business Administration in Leadership. Her impetus for entering the field of marriage and family therapy was driven by close association with refugees, who fled Myanmar to escape a repressive government, and found it difficult overcoming many challenges posed in their American homeland. Tansy is passionate about helping people from all walks of life and believes that everyone has inherent self-worth and is divinely created for a purpose. Working in a private counseling practice, Tansy offers counseling to individuals, families, and couples, including Christian-focused counseling, driven by biblical principles, to those who want to integrate Christian faith into treatment. Tansy lives in Peoria with her husband, son, and daughter. She enjoys hiking and spending time with family and friends.


“I found the LLWAYM series to be a timely entry point for us to begin the conversation on mental health. Our presenters were compassionate and authentic as they engaged us with foundational understandings and contextual Asian American insights. Our group breakout conversations gave us a space to listen, share and process our thoughts in community. The impact of this series has helped to bring mental health into a normative conversation - where we can better love, care and prayerfully serve each other for the goal of increased wholeness.”

Carolyn Shimabukuro, Director of Spiritual Direction at All Seasons Counseling

“LLWAYM was a meaningful series that created conversations around an area of our lives that we easily overlook but impacts how we interact and show up in the world individually and collectively. The series provided informative overviews and essential breakout discussions. We are thankful for these resources.”

Angeline Lau, Senior Pastor of Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle, WA

“As always, you are a compassionate leader for the Asian American Baptist group and others. Thank you for the recent series of LLWAYM, which was a well-thought-through topic. We have started conversations on mental health issues among our church. The younger generations are most concerned about mental well-being. Awareness is a key to stimulating our curiosity and desire to acquire knowledge, including the knowledge that we can gain from the experts. Here comes [Rev. Turek's] role in bringing the experts before us in such a way that these series of Zoom sessions, designed to have woven in Mental Health awareness. These LLWAYM series are relevant in our time and culturally sensitive to the needs of Asian American Baptist groups and other American Baptist local congregations. Great effort and well planned!”

Lone Wan Lazum, Senior Pastor of Oakland Burmese Mission Baptist Church in Oakland, CA

“THANK YOU for this series, because I am finding that this is a great jumping off point to creating conversations with our church family (and especially our Karen members). I cannot wait to get started in the near future with building stronger ties within our membership and bring up leaders in both groups to become a better and more cohesive church family.”

Pastor Letta Palmer, ABCNYS, Rome NY